Produce Management: Professional Package

Produce software that increases your efficiency, control and traceability

MyProduce Professional

MyProduce Professional Overview

Real-time visibility of inventory with traceability, for audits, recall prep, and process control 

MyProduce offers several levels of produce management systems to best meet your needs. The professional version of MyProduce enables growers, shippers, and distributors to efficiently manage their fresh produce from bulk receipt, through packing, order creation and processing, to shipment.

Professional level users need access to real time information so that they know exactly what is on hand and where it is with 100% accuracy. The system can be operated via intuitive English, Spanish or French, from either a web interface or a ruggedized mobile device. It increases staff productivity, complies with your customer labeling needs, optimizes stock rotation, avoids shipping errors and much more. All inventory movements, source and pack lots are securely stored and the system not only provides real-time updates on daily business activities, it also meets traceability requirements.

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MyProduce Professional enables the following operations:

Productivity, Rotation and Control

  • Quickly understand your current needs and operational activity from a single screen
  • This produce management system monitors key parameters, like order volume vs one hand finished goods and bulk inventory, highlighting actions required to fix any bottlenecks
  • Receive and track bulk inventory
  • Track received bulk weight by single container or truck
  • Track commodity types, grower, source and pack lots
  • Receiving of bulk and finished goods
  • Real-time tracking of inventory, locations and movements if needed
  • Shipping via mobile barcode scanners
  • Tracking of staff productivity
  • Support of mixed product packaging for recipes
MyProduce on MC3300
Pack Label
Pallet case label with daughters


  • Recall preparation reports
  • Record source and lot information
  • Generate a pack run planning report
  • Record your customer and reference PO and SO
  • Supports latest retail case formats including Walmart and US Foods
  • Bin and pallet labeling
  • Set up and track important source data for pack runs
  • Bin, case and pallet audit trail reports
  • Reports for traceability, inventory, production and shipping
  • Support for SSCC pallet codes

Validated Fulfullment

  • Create and manage sales orders
  • Manage companies, locations, and customer data
  • System optimized pallet selection
  • Flexible system picking rules
  • Staff manage transactions on mobile devices

Powerful Mobile Devices

  • Decrease paperwork and increase accuracy
  • Receive and track bulk inventory
  • Track received bulk weight by single container or truck
  • Move and locate product quickly and easily
  • Operates validated shipping to avoid errors
  • Directed picking avoids searching for lost pallets
  • Speed shipments onto trucks
  • Eliminate mis-shipments
Scan Guns
Wi-Fi Solutions
Label Rewinders
The hardware shown here is supported by the system but is not included in the subscription cost quoted on this site. RedLine Solutions offer several purchase and rental options for your hardware needs. Talk with your sales representative to select the most suitable hardware for your operation.