MyProduce Pack, Print and Ship

MyProduce PPS
Watermelon cases with labels from MyProduce

You have a lot to worry about, labeling shouldn't be one of them.

Simple solutions for case, hybrid, and shipping labels.

The new Pack, Print and Ship version (PPS) of enables you to quickly pack, print and ship and supports traceability and reporting functions.

From receipt, through packing, to shipping, MyProduce simplifies processes, increases visibility and protects against errors, all with built-in traceability. The system enables quick bulk receipt, pack line management, case label creation, the building of shipments with your finished goods cases, generates your logistics labels including SSCCs and provides associated documents and reports for your traceability, tracking and management activities. is simple and flexible, supporting your needs, whether you have one worker or 20, a single room or multiple locations, and operates with intuitive multi-lingual interfaces (English, Spanish, and French).

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MyProduce PPS enables the following operations:

Bulk Receiving and Pack Run Management

  • Track receipt of your grower and purchased bulk
  • Supports single commodity and recipe-based pack run creation and management
  • Tracks grower, grower lot, PO, pack lot, source lot, pack, and harvest dates and more
  • Create multiple pack runs and tracks case volume created
  • Supports multiple product pack-outs and can track customer order per product
  • All case labels can be printed with multiple standard formats including Walmart, US Foods and Kroger
  • Case labels can also be printed with easy customization to meet your customer’s labeling needs
  • Supports the repack of finished product, which can be added to the system manually or via a quick scan of your product’s case labels
MyProduce PPS with DS3600
MyProduce Case Label
SSCC Label
Hybrid Pallet Label

Quickly Build Orders for Shipping

  • Helps your shipping staff to efficiently process your customer’s orders from an ordered received through fax or email to one entered into the system
  • Works with cases so you can build orders with multiple products and quickly build container/s or pallet/s ready for shipment
  • Case information is added to the system with a quick scan of the case label with a rugged Bluetooth handheld scanner
  • Creates a multiple logistics label per container / pallet (using GS1, Walmart or customizable formats)
  • Allows printing of shipment documentation that includes customer information, cases and lot details, SSCC numbers and other details entering into the system for attachment to sales order, bill of lading or just future reference

Reports Enable Traceability and Analysis

  • Generate a full pack out report
  • Generate a Cases Shipped by Product report
  • Generate a Sales Order Shipment History (quick lookup by SSCC number or customer PO)
  • Ability to filter by different factors including start/end date, facility, product, order and more
  • Ability to export to PDF or Excel
MyProduce PPS Reports

Optional Extras

  • Support of Walmart web-portal ASN export and import functions
  • IBM Food Trust Blockchain support* for Walmart
  • Full custom formats case and logisitc label formats with expanded data sets
The hardware shown here is supported by the system but is not included in the subscription cost quoted on this site. RedLine Solutions offer several purchase and rental options for your hardware needs. Talk with your sales representative to select the most suitable hardware for your operation.


W.G. Hamil, LLC

“I am a grower shipper of melons. Last year we wanted to add PTI case labels to our melon shipments, for my retail customers. I chose MyProduce PPS by RedLine Solutions after looking at a number of options. MyProduce PPS fit my budget and it made creating labels simple, from setup to operation. I manage multiple pack sheds across the USA, so I needed to be mobile.  MyProduce PPS was very reliable everywhere I pack. I would highly recommend the software and RedLine Solutions.

— Michael Hamil of W.G. Hamil, LLC